BCT DENIM’s mark is only attained through consistent craftsmanship and use of the premium BCT denim fabrics, cutting, sewing and paying attention to every detail at each point of the process. This is about living life to its fullest, whether it is constructing next seasons collection in Amsterdam or gathering inspiration for what’s coming next in the Denim World from our offices in Istanbul.



Trend focused denim fabric innovation always moving hand in hand with the latest technology to provide for a fully automated production using the ERP, and making sure to follow each process in order to reach the best possible quality.



The idea of “Cotton Cluster Economy” is to responsibly grow the cotton and deeply process all its components, in order to maximise the added value while minimising the negative effect on the environment, by reusing the production waste and garments through the help of Recycling Technology.

Our cotton rotation allows us to produce organic cotton in large quantities with minimal energy loss.

To control farmland, we use CROPIO technology. This system includes operational monitoring of the state of the seed areas, auto documentation, forecasting and planning agricultural operations.